5 Best Methods To Troubleshoot HP Driver Installation Issues

Drivers are essential to keep up the smooth running of your device, as they transfer the data from your device to the Operating system. In candid words, drivers enable your operating system to connect with your device. Whether you are using a printer, desktop and laptop, a proper set of drivers are important. However downloading drivers is an intricate task, HP users are privileged to have a particular HP customer support number, which can help them to update and download drivers for their HP device.

Whether you’re using HP device for the first time or using it after clean up, first you need to install and update the proper drivers. Most of the times, drivers may get installed automatically by using a USB or CD but sometimes you need to download and install it manually. However, the HP printer won’t take too much time to install the printer drivers.

But in some cases, things become complicated when Windows started showing error messages while installing HP printer drivers. This happens, when local devices fail to recognize the drivers. In order to get rid of this situation, here we have come up with the top 5 methods to troubleshoot this scenario.

Here is the list of some of the errors which befall during installing the printer drivers:

  • Fata error. OK
  • Error A
  • Error Code 28
  • Error 2753

The solution to fix HP Printer driver errors in Windows 10

Method 1

Disable HP Smart Install

“HP Smart Install” is a packaged application which comes along with HP Printers. But, HP doesn’t use this tool anymore, in case it is already installed on any PC, it may be the reason for driver installation error. Hence, disable or uninstall it by following the below steps:

  • Navigate to the Setup and then Service in your printer
  • Open HP Smart Install and ensure that this feature is deactivated.

Method 2

Run Windows Troubleshooter

Windows 10 has an integral troubleshooter tool which helps users in case of any interruption. The troubleshooter is capable of finding the cause and can fix the issues. To do so follow underneath steps:

  • Go to the Settings and Click on Update and Security.
  • Now open the Troubleshoot tab. Under “Get up and running” segment, Choose “Printer.” Initiate the troubleshooting tool by clicking on it.
  • The integral tool runs the analytic check on all the common issues which may distress the printer function.
  • If the tool found any problem, during the scan it will troubleshoot without taking too much time

Methods 3

Disconnect and Reconnect the Printer

Sometimes, straightforward solutions such as removing and reconnecting the printer can do the trick for users. Consequently, turn off the printer and separate from your computer. Wait for a moment and connect to the printer again by using different USB Port. Sporadically, the USB port may be the cause behind many errors.

Method 4

Install the Printer using Windows Printer Driver

Windows 10 comes along with general drivers including display and printers. If you are facing issues while installing the official HP Printer drivers, make an effort to install the printer using the default drivers. Follow the below steps:

  • Type Add a Printer in the search bar and open Add a Printer.
  • Tap on Add a Printer button from the Settings and follow the on-screen instructions to install the printer driver.

Method 5

Solution via HP printer support number If the above 4 methods fail to resolve the issue, taking help from the HP printer support number would be the wise option. As it won’t take too much time, experts are very well trained and competent enough to deal with every HP printer concern.

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