How to Reset Facebook Password If I Forgot?

Facebook is the virtually social home to 2.5 billion people across the globe. It is clearly one of the best social media platforms and the spread of it can be seen in every corner of the world, whether it’s an urban or rural area. Nowadays, almost every single person has an account on Facebook. Furthermore, it is gaining popularity because of easy to use interface and top-notch features. A user can spend his or her day on Facebook without getting bored that is why it has the widest database. It is an exciting platform to connect with friends and families.

In order to avoid misuse of Facebook account, it is protected with user id and password combination. Users set their desired password, which they can use to login into their particular account. However, users often come across “forgotten password” issue or it has been changed without your permission or knowledge.

The instances of “Forgotten password” or “password-breach” are considered very serious by Facebook and thus giving solutions to recover or reset the password by following a simple process. A forgotten password is a clear case of carelessness, the user should keep their password safe and secure, but if it is changed without your permission, that’s the different case. But in both cases, the process of recovery remains similar.

Facebook account holds the useful personal information of users, hence, losing access to your account can be a stressful situation or your Facebook id can be used for a wrong purpose which can land you in a trouble. Here in this blog, we will discuss manual and simple steps to recover Facebook password.

We have three manual methods which help you regain access to your account.

1. Reset Facebook Password using Default Google account

Whenever you sign up for a Facebook account, it is asked for an email address other than the recovery email. If you create your Facebook account using email id, you can reset the password using the same email id. Follow underneath steps to reset the password using the default email.

  • Now click on the forgot password, in the left corner of the screen
  • It will move you to the next window, where Facebook will ask you for an email address.
  • From there use the first option “Use my Google or Yahoo account”
  • Now click on the Continue button and follow the onscreen instruction, you will be logged into your Facebook account with default email.

2. Recover Password Using Recovery Email

In order to reset and set up a new password by using recovery email, pay a glance at beneath steps:

  • Use the first 3 steps which you followed in 1 method
  • Now on the Reset Your Password Page, choose the second option stating “Email me a link to reset my password
  • Facebook will send 6 character code in your recovery email, now enter the same in the box and click on the change password button.
  • Now it will move you to password reset page, where you can enter the new strong password for your Facebook account.

3. Change Password using Phone Number

  • Again repeat the same process as you followed on the above both methods
  • From Password reset page choose the third option “Send code via SMS”
  • Facebook will send code on your register mobile number and enter it on the box and set the new password.

These are the simple and effective methods to reset the Facebook password on your own. User should be careful while resetting their Facebook password, as it stores vital information and any breach in account security can trouble users on a huge level. However, if you face any issue while following any of the above methods, Facebook support number is accessible round the clock to resolve password-related queries.  

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