How to fix Virus and Malware Issue on HP Printer

All of us considers printer as the devices which won’t be affected by the virus or malware. But, it is possible but pretty rare for the printer to be infected with a virus for this to happen the printer would have to support external or internal writable USB.

Generally, we are not aware of the firmware attacks to printers due to the complexity of getting firmware updates to work on any specific printer, to begin with. Thus, this type of method becomes too time-consuming with only a few benefits to someone who writes the malware.

  • All models are vulnerable to hack: laser and inkjet
  • Antivirus typically can’t find anything
  • Update driver and firmware whenever you suspect this
  • The printer might function properly for a minute or two but stops after that

Consider some of these points if you want to fix your printer ASAP. The first thing you could do is contact HP printer support number for more information and help regarding the fix to virus issue. Their professional executives will provide you with a permanent fix to this virus problem in the printers.

One thing you can do by yourself is to check your computer for possible threats and viruses.

Steps to fix the virus issue on HP printers

Firstly, you need to restart your computer and then run the following steps to remove the virus that stops your printer from working.

Number 1:

  • First, download Junkware removal tool to your desktop.
  • Switch off your antivirus tool for a minute to let it work properly.
  • Install and open the Junkware removal tool.
  • Please be patient and let it scan your entire computer including the printer drivers.
  • Once it is done scanning and removing potential malware, reactivate the antivirus.

Number 2:

Fix it with AdwCleaner by downloading it to your computer. It is a powerful tool to remove the malware and virus from the computer and its applications.

  • Install the tool and update its database for the latest virus definitions.
  • Tap on Scan button and let it scan the system.
  • Tap on the clean button when it finished scanning to remove the detected viruses or malware.
  • Now, restart the system and enjoy a virus free system and printer.

In any case, if you are having trouble solving this problem you are free to connect to HP phone number and get the desired help from there.

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