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HP Printer Driver Installation: A Complete Guide

To make a peripheral work with your computer, having the right set of drivers installed on your device is important and the same implies with an HP printer. When you purchase a printer, you install drivers at the beginning and afterward start printing, but if you want to re-install, or update the printer for your HP printer, you need to follow particular methods. Without updated drivers, the printer could not be able to communicate with your computing device. For knowing the uses and importance of drivers, call upon HP printer customer support number and discuss your doubts with experts.

Here below the apt methods to install and update are listed in ascending steps:

Download HP Drivers from Official Resources:

  • Under the “let’s identify your product to get started” choose your product
  • Now select “Printer” from the list of products
  • Provide the model number or serial number of your printer
  • Hit Submit
  • You will see driver download page on your screen
  • Next, enter the model number of your printer
  • You need to change the operating system manually, as the download page will only have the default operating system. In order to change the version, click on the “Change” button and pick the one you are using
  • Again, pick the category of your product
  • Click Download to proceed
  • Now as per your browser, select any of the following;
  • For internet explorer: Next, you need to save the download drivers file. Click on the Run button and let the installation begin automatically. Alternatively, click on the “Save” button to save the file and use it later on.
  • For Mozilla Firefox: Click on Save and the file will be saved on your device. To run the installation wizard, you need to double tap on the saved file.

Update Drivers on Windows:

Using Windows, updating the drivers for your HP printers becomes easy and straightforward. The Window update will collectively update all the drivers and software related to your HP printer and other peripherals. Follow the steps to perform an update:

  • In order to install the updates for Windows version, connect your device to a high-speed network
  • Do not confuse amid the version of your Operating system. Keep it ready before you begin.
  • The installation of update usually takes a couple of hours but this may vary as per the size of the file, strength of the network and the number of available updates. While installing an update, the computer should remain undisturbed and nothing else can be done using it.

If you want guidance regarding installation of HP printer drivers, connect with the techies by dialing HP support number. You will be guided through the steps of installation along with useful tips and tricks. Do not perform any manual method if you are not sure of the skills, at such times reaching the HP helpdesk is highly recommended.

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