Find the Root Cause and Troubleshoot HP Printer Offline Error

HP provides the user-friendly printing machines which are reasonable yet competent. By keeping different user-categories in mind, HP develops a wide range of printing devices. Every type of HP printer is designed to use for both personal and professional use. The consistency, promptness, and performance are the main spotlight of the printers offered by HP. HP is also equally known for its support services, HP customer support number is accessible round the clock for any type of HP printer related issue.

HP printers run smoothly and give optimum performance until it is halted by any technical snug. Errors in electronic devices are very common and no technology is error-free. Consequently, HP printers are not free from technical glitches. Printer goes Offline is one such error which HP users faced on regular intervals. It can occur due to the sluggish connectivity between the laptop and the printer. It hinders users to print any document or to perform any other printer related activity. It is an annoying problem for any user but with HP it can be resolved effortlessly only if you have technical skills.

Why Does My HP Printer Goes Offline

The reasons for Offline printer mode can be technical which indicate the sign of servicing the printer or it can occur due to common issues such as cables being disconnected. Let’s have a look at some of the basic roots which hamper your printer.

  • Driver issue: The outdated printer driver can be the origin of why the HP printer is offline. If the driver has become obsolete, the user needs to update the driver on an immediate basis. You can update your driver by visiting the official HP website just by following the simple procedure.
  • Poor USB connection: The USB is responsible for the connection between the printer and the computer device. A Poor USB connection impedes the connectivity between both. Hence, it leads to the HP printer shows offline error.
  • Internet problem:  Internet connectivity play a major role while performing any printing or other activities in printer especially in Wireless devices. A poor internet connection can lead to the discussed error. To get rid of it try to restart your internet router, it will help to re-establish the connection.

Troubleshoot HP printer offline Error

If your HP Printer gets offline, you should check the network connectivity and update the printer drivers. This will helps to resolve this issue. But if issue stands still perform the below-given steps to troubleshoot it completely.

  • Start the device to which the HP printer is linked. Don’t do anything with the printer device as it already in Offline mode
  • Tap once on the Start menu.
  • Now Tap on “Devices and Printers.” option
  • Click the icon for the HP printer. Where the status shows “Offline,” click on the “Offline” and after clicking the “Printer” option a window will pop-up. Now uncheck the “Use Printer Offline” option.

Hopefully, it will help but if you want instant and expert help, you can opt for HP Printer Support Number and all your problems will be resolved in no time. As manual methods are time-consuming and need technical knowledge as well. The experts are skilled enough to resolve any type of HP related error and can be reached all around the clock.

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