Colored ink, not printing – HP printers

The users of HP printers have often complained about the colored ink not printing or it’s not what they are expecting. 

If you are trying to print your document on the all in one HP printers and it is not coming off good, it can frustrate anyone. In these cases, HP help number is your only resort but we have also prepared a step by step solution for HP all in one printer.

The procedure in this article can help you with faded printouts, color or black ink not printing, and the document is blurry.

Reinstallation of Drivers

This first thing you need to do is reinstall the printer drivers. To do that:

  • Remove the printer from the Printer and devices list.
  • And then download the drivers from the official website and install them.

Now, you can try to print and if your issue is resolved by this then you don’t need further troubleshooting.

Use authentic HP print cartridges

HP always recommends its users to use the authentic cartridges and HP cannot guarantee the reliability and quality of aftermarket supplies. You should check the HP website for the list of which cartridge to buy for your printer.

Make sure you are using the correct paper

Make sure that you are using the appropriate paper for the print job. Don’t use wrinkled or curled paper and use the correct paper for photos and text.

Modify Print settings

Make sure that the print settings are according to the operating system. And here is how you can do that:

  • Open the print properties of the file you’re printing from.
  • Now, select the paper type according to what you are trying to print. 
  • If your print quality is not up to the mark then you can change the print quality from Best to Normal to Draft mode.
  • Select the proper paper size on which you are trying to print and select the grayscale option if you only want black and white print.

Colored ink Levels

Make sure that your colored ink cartridge has enough ink to print proper colors. As a low level of colored ink can result in the quality of the print and sometimes it doesn’t even print color at all.

If your colored cartridge is low on ink then you need to change the cartridge. And clean the ink cartridges to make sure that your printer works fine on colored printouts.

If you did all this and your printer still not printing colored ink then you should connect to HP printer customer support team for help. They can provide you with the appropriate solution to your colored printing problem.

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