HP Print Head is not Working. How to fix it?

The print head issue in the HP Office-jet 830 usually occurs due to ink leakage in an excessive amount. The bottom of the printer where your print head is located could be full of ink leakage. This can lead to many issues further in the printer if not treated immediately.

Well, this is a technical problem and you can get rid of this problem by contacting HP technical support number. But we have created a solution guide for you to follow, this guide is created with the help of expert technicians who have extensive knowledge of the working of HP printers.

So, follow this guide extensively and get rid of the print head not working problem.

Steps to fix HP Officejet 6830 print head problem

Change the ink Cartridge – First, open the printer cover of the print head to change the cartridge. Then simply disconnect the power cable.

Remove tall screws – Now, you’ll see some screws located inside the inner top cover of the printer, remove all of them. You’ll need star screwdriver of the right size to remove them. When you’ve removed all the screws then remove the inner top cover very gently and you do not need to unplug all the cables.

Plastic location handling – List all the plastic location tape’s orientation in a note to make it easy for you, when putting it back together. And remove the tape now.

Print head base – Now, remove the screws from the print head base to access the print head. Now lift up the whole assembly very carefully with the print head and tilt it upside down but do not disconnect any cables.

Cleaning up the print head – Now, that you have your print head upside down, clean it up carefully from the bottom section. You should use a lint-free cloth to wipe down all the ink spillage. After you have completed the cleanup process put everything back together just as you have removed it.

Now, Plug in the power cable and turn on the printer. Open control panel from the menu and select setup or maintenance and then select clean print head from the new menu. This will hopefully clean up all the ink spillage from the print head and your printer will be in the working condition once again.

Even if after going through all the trouble and following the instructions carefully your printer’s print head is not working properly then you should contact HP printer customer service. State your problem to the executives at HP printer customer support and they will guide you through the process of cleaning your printer very easily.

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