Comprehensive Guide For Blue Screen of Death Error in HP Laptop


What is Blue Screen of Death?

The blue screen of death or BSOD is Microsoft Windows related error. It occurs when Windows face critical issues which it fails to combat, generally, it is the result of low-quality drivers or virus affected software. This error is named a blue screen of death because when it occurs device screen turns into blue.

It is related to system hardware, temperature, programming, resources, and viruses. The BSOD screen error works as a warning to avoid further system damage. In BSOD Windows get freezed and it calls for an immediate rebooting of the system.

BSOD in HP Laptop

HP laptop has made a solid impact in the market and has defeated other well-known brands of the same niche. There is a number of quality features in HP devices which keep it on the top of the list. HP laptops are famous for durability, performance, reliability and other various factors. Though we are fond of HP laptop quality, there is no control over blue screen error. As HP laptop runs on Windows, hence BSOD error may come every now and then. However, the best thing about HP is HP support number, each and every error can be eradicated from top-to-toe just by contacting expert technicians.

We have created the ultimate guide on the “blue screen of death” issue in HP laptops. It helps you know the drill.

Causes of HP Laptop Blue Screen Error

Overheating Due to Excessive Load

If HP laptop is used on its full capacity for a long time, chances for BSOD error get high. Such as playing a heavy game which is taking too much use of CPU, this situation can lead the device to the blue screen of death error.

Unwanted Virus

An anonymous infection can be the cause behind the death of screen issue in HP laptop. So, you should check your device for any virus, spyware, malware or other corruptions. Using high-quality antivirus software can reduce the chances of the device for getting infected by such Viruses.

The Missing Drivers

Installing the wrong set of drivers in HP laptop can affect the device and discussed error may ascend. Consequently, updating or downloading the correct set of the driver can rescue your device from BSOD error.

Fix HP Laptop Blue Screen Error

Follow the underneath steps to troubleshoot this blue screen error:

Restart your HP Laptop: Restarting is the elementary and useful way to wipe out several issues related to HP laptop. Thus, in the case of BSOD, restarting can be proven beneficial.

Reboot in Safe Mode: Starting your laptop in safe mode can take you out of this error. To start the device in safe mode, Click on “Reboot” and press ‘F8’ key

Install or Update Drivers: Drivers are the essential components for any device. Sometimes, old drivers and incompatibility with drivers can push the device towards BSOD error. Hence, it is suggested to use updated drivers. Make sure you have downloaded it from the official manufacturer’s website.   

Enable Your Antivirus: In the process of downloading internet file, many unwanted viruses may come into your system. Viruses are the main culprit for BSOD error. Therefore, download antivirus software for your computer.  

If above fixes fail to terminate blue screen error from your HP laptop. Dialing HP laptop support number would be a wise choice. Experts are well trained and experienced enough to give reliable help for your issue.

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