AOL Support: An Effective Approach Towards Issue Resolution

Using emails has been in the fashion since the inception of the first email platform. With time, emails made their place as an official way to communicate. People often rely upon emails to send and receive crucial data, thus choosing a right webmail service platform is essential. Every day a new email service enters the market but the name which has attracted millions of eyes is American Online aka AOL. This email service has numerous features which other platforms lack in.

Basic Requirements for AOL Mail

When users start using the service of AOL email, the main thing that they would have to pay to attention is; the system requirements for this service. It is necessary that your device serves all the essential system requirements of AOL email for effortless functioning. If your device dearth on these requirements, users will likely encounter numerous issues while using this service. Hence, here below are the system requirements for AOL email, have a look:

  • Windows 7 and latest versions of Browser: AOL email works best with the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and AOL Desktop Gold.
  • Mac OS X: using AOL mail service in the latest version of Safari, Firefox, and Chrome on your Mac device is like running a hot knife in butter.
  • If you are eager to use AOL email on your mobile device then make sure that you have: IOS 9.3 or later, or Android 4.4 or later

If you have any doubt regarding system requirements of this AOL service, you can get the required information by ringing up the AOL customer service phone number.

Let’s Roll your eyes over some of the impressive features offered by AOL email:

  • Comprehensive filters: Searching the email, contact, events and other items in your AOL inbox is quite convenient as AOL is loaded with a wide range of useful filters.
  • Easy to manage calendars: The calendars inbuilt in AOL emails is possible to print, subscribe, create or add the calendar.
  • Create or use filters in no time: Creating folders provide ease to manage incoming emails using AOL.
  • Manage multiple emails at once: Using AOL, users don’t need to delete or retrieve emails one by one, but one can do it for multiple emails at once.
  • Resize your panel: It is very easy to resize the panel and adjust them according to your choice. All you need is to move the pointer across the panel to shift or resize.
  • Deactivate the reading pane: If you are willing to disable the reading pane, it can be done by going to settings and then customization.
  • Creating emoji’s: Users can make their conversation more appealing by adding the expressive emoji to the chat or emails. There is a plethora of emoji’s available.
  • Personalize your AOL email: With this, the user can easily manage their AOL interface as per the way they want to use. This is the major reason behind the popularity of AOL email.
  • Shortcuts: there is a number of shortcuts which using AOL email even more intuitive. These mouse and keyboard shortcuts help user to work more effortlessly.

These features are responsible for the steady growth of AOL email. Once you enter the world of AOL, you can discover many other benefits of using it. But along with the peculiarities, there are few setbacks which you need to gulp as a bitter pill. However, to help users resolving these technical glitches, AOL customer support is readily available, so users don’t have to stress over it.

What is AOL Desktop Gold

AOL desktop gold is the latest addition to the feature list of AOL products. It is a one-stop solution for users, whether you want to play games, browse the Internet, watch videos or movies, chat or send emails to family or friends. There’s the whole enchilada for everyone in this small-packet of AOL Desktop Gold software.

If you are overawed with the AOL desktop Gold and planning to install it on your device, pay a glance on beneath steps.

Download and Install AOL desktop Gold

AOL Gold download

  • To download the AOL desktop gold, visit the official website.
  • Ensure that you use the correct and valid link to download the AOL Gold software on your system.
  • Now provide your AOL email login details
  • Navigate to “All product” section, search and tap on “AOL Desktop Gold” and download it by following on-screen instructions.

Install AOL Desktop Gold:

After you are done with the downloading of AOL Desktop Gold, install it into your system by following the bullet points:

  • Find your downloaded file, into your browser download box or system download folder.
  • Click on the downloaded setup file,
  • Now click on “install AOL Desktop”
  • Select “Run”.
  • Select the “install now” and you will see the option of “Import your email” with “Uninstall the older version”
  • Click “OK” and then “Yes”
  • Now, wait until the installation process completed.

If you face any issue, during the downloading or installing process, dial the AOL phone number customer service for expert help.

These are the common issues which users encounter while using AOL desktop gold. However, AOL technical support phone number is available round the clock to fix such type of issues.

Read what are the other issues that are likely to happen with AOL email client. However, AOL phone number customer service offers the best support services to all below-listed issues with the best possible speed.

List of an issue with AOL email:

  • AOL email sign in issues
  • Problem while recovering AOL password
  • Compromised AOL email account
  • Unresponsive AOL email
  • Network connectivity issues
  • Problem while sending or receiving emails
  • Lost or inaccessible emails
  • Issue while enabling two-step verification
  • Problem while accessing AOL on a mobile device
  • Issues while attaching files to emails
  • Problem while changing the recovery information
  • Inability to install the mobile app.

Apart from the above given, there are various other issues can take place while working AOL emails but are easy to resolve of handled in a proper manner. Moreover, if you get in touch with experts via AOL tech support phone number, handling issues become even easier and straightforward. Also, technicians minimize the risk of issues caused due to spamming, hacking or phishing.

The team of experts working with AOL phone support is working inconsistent manner to help the troubled users. The technicians are best in their customer service field. The user can call through AOL contact number or make a contact using online chat or emails.

Here below are some common AOL problems and their respective solutions:

Unable to send or receive AOL emails:

  • Check the strength of the internet connection and make sure it’s working in a steady manner.
  • Thoroughly check the details of the SMTP server because most of the errors take place due to the poorly configured SMTP settings
  • Check the credentials of your AOL email account
  • It is important to have the SMTP server connection, which works fine as non-functional STMP server can be the cause of issue while sending or receiving emails.
  • Check your SMTP port and try to switch it to a new port. FYI, the outgoing mail server needs to be attached with the port 25. But due to excessively spamming ISP’s are more likely to block it.

AOL mail Login issue:

  • Make sure you are entering right login credentials such as password and username
  • Reset your password if you are getting problem while signing in.
  • Check your internet connection and make sure that the network is fast and stable enough to operate the AOL email platform.
  • Check for the error code and if you detect any, resolve it right there.
  • Keep your eyes on any suspicious activity on your email account.

AOL Mail Search not working

  • Check internet connection
  • To fix this issue, first check your internet connection, it may occur due to poor connection. As all email services completely rely on it. Hence, resolve it immediately, if you found any issue with internet connectivity. 

  • AOL Mail server
  • Error in a Mail server or server downtime can cause this issue. Hence, try to make a call upon AOL tech support phone number.

  • Disable the firewall for a while

Sometimes firewall utility creates issues, Hence, disable it for a temporary basis. It can fix the issue.

Fix AOL Mail Error Code 554

Follow the underneath process to troubleshooting Error code 554:

  • To fix it, restart all the devices that are using the Wi-Fi connection
  • Disable all the Windows Firewall settings for temporary basis
  • Now log out from the AOL account
  • Restart the system and open default browser
  • Open the AOL mail page and login with correct credentials

Hopefully, this will resolve the error, if the issue still persists dial the AOL support number.

AOL Mail Error 11

Steps to resolve this issue:

  • Repair the connected Windows registry entries to AOL instant messenger
  • Run a complete or full Scan of your device to check for viruses and malware
  • Clean up your disc from the temp files or the junks from your computer for smooth running
  • Update your device drivers on a regular basis
  • Undo all the system changes you did recently
  • Reinstall the AOL to refreshes the system correctly.
  • Use Windows system file checker
  • Install updates with a proper and clean process

AOL Mail not working on iPhone

  • Touch the setting from the Home screen of the iPhone
  • Tap on the option of Mail, Contacts, and Calendars
  • Click on ‘Add Account’ under the account section
  • Select the account type of your email
  • From the mail, section tap to add an account
  • Provide the following information about your Name, email address, and password
  • Now choose IMAP
  • After that, enter the details of incoming server and outgoing server too:
  • Incoming server:
  • Incoming port: 993SSL
  • Security: sslOutgoing
  • Server:
  • Outgoing Port: 587
  • Require sign in: yes
  • Save these settings and exit from the Mail and try to re-launch the AOL mail in your iPhone.

In case you need assistance, contact the tech AOL com support portal.

Issues Related to AOL Desktop Gold

However, no application or software is free from the technical dilemmas, many users reported several issues while using AOL desktop gold. Here is the list of few common issues:

  • AOL Desktop Gold download error code 104
  • AOL Desktop Gold mail missing
  • The sluggish speed of AOL Desktop Gold software
  • Internet connection issue in AOL Desktop Gold
  • Update related problems
  • Microsoft.NET Framework version update error

These are the common issues which users encounter while using AOL desktop gold. However, AOL technical support phone number is available round the clock to fix such type of issues.

AOL customer service phone number ensures the proper recovery of your AOL mail account from such issues in a fastest possible manner. Users can reach the experts via toll-free numbers in no time. The customer service executives working with AOL technical support are extensively trained and certified hence quality in our services is guaranteed.

The Range of AOL Product Support

  • AOL Gold support: AOL Gold is an advanced product of AOL. It belongs to the paid product category of AOL products. It costs $3.99 a month and at this small price AOL Gold is a grab. It is enriched with cutting-edge security, along two-step verification and the data-encryption. AOL support phone number offers you live support for AOL Desktop Gold instantly. The support services are accessible for all pre and post sales queries.
  • AOL App for Android: The AOL app for mobiles enables you to access your AOL email data anytime anywhere using your mobile device. Also, the app keeps you updated about all web services you have subscribed. But if you are facing any issue with your Yahoo email account, call upon AOL customer support phone number for the instant help.
  • AOL Mail: AOL offers free email services to users which are best than many other counterparts of the same niche. AOL email is laden with a number of exclusive features and a smooth interface. Also, the basic AOL mail services are supported by AOL technical support phone number.

How to Contact AOL Customer Support

AOL offers AOL support to tackle all type issues which users faced while using AOL email. A team of highly trained and experienced professionals provides prompt solutions. We make sure that the users don’t have to struggle with the issues for too long, that’s why we give instant response to every single query of users. Hence, AOL contact number is the best way to troubleshoot AOL concerns

AOL Customer Support Number

The moment you choose our service for your issue, AOL customer service live person examine the situation and the reason for the error and gives you the best solutions to stamp out the issue from the grounds. AOL com help service is accessible all around the clock, and the users can connect with experts without watching the clock. We focus on to provide 100% customer satisfaction.

AOL support phone number

Furthermore, availing AOL technical support does not charge the users and the mode of communications are also free of cost which makes it more useful. The users just have to call upon the AOL online support and give all the required assistance.

Reasons to Choose AOL phone support

  • Experts will deeply analyze the problem and fix it in the best possible manner
  • AOL customer support phone number is reachable round the clock
  • Users who are not comfortable with phone support can get help via AOL customer service chat.
  • Experts are equipped with latest tools to resolve minor to severe level of a technical hindrance, all you need to Contact AOL support
  • Our service also offers the top of line AOL live help tech support

Moreover, we also have AOL customer service billing experts to deal with all type of billing queries in AOL.

Features of AOL help number:

  • AOL online support and is available all around the clock via chat and email
  • AOL live help tech support via toll-free numbers
  • Contact AOL support for immediate recovery.

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Nice Support Thanks

Nice Support Thanks…….

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Nice Support Thanks

Nice Support Thanks…………..

8 months ago
Jordan Smith

Nice Technical Assistance

Recovering AOL hacked account was never so simple but calling AOL support number indeed worked. The AOL expert had taken my case and recovered my email account with all the data intact.

8 months ago

Best Aol Support

Thanks for the help. I got the best support from your side. keep up the good work. I recommend this to everyone.

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