Amazon Customer Care Number: For Undisturbed Experience

Amazon is the pioneer e-commerce platform that is leading the international market due to its high-class services. People from every corner of the world associating themselves with the Amazon products and service. The brand not only deals in e-commerce niche but also offers other services such as logistic, payment platforms, data storage, hardware, and media.

Nevertheless, on many occasions, users feel the need for a support platform and Amazon caters support service needs of its users in a consistent manner. You can contact the Amazon support team for a number of reasons such as:

  • Delivery issues: Product has not reached on the right time.
  • Damaged product: You received an incomplete, wrong or damaged product
  • Complaint: You want to report or complaint against the seller
  • Technical issues: You are having an issue while using the Amazon services
  • Payment problems: Having an issue while making payments
  • Online issues: Not able to update online information
  • Got queries: You have queries and question for any Amazon service
  • Report fraud: you want to report for frauds on Amazon

In such cases, you need a correct number to call Amazon telephone number so that your issue can be raised and resolve within the time. 

How to Contact Amazon Customer Support:

List of Amazon Support numbers:

The most straightforward option to reach the Amazon Customer Service is dialing the toll-free numbers especially designed to provide the live assistance to all worldwide users. The Amazon Contact Info

  • Amazon Customer Service Number: 1800 3000 9009
  • Amazon Toll-Free Number: 1800 3000 9009
  • Amazon Customer Care Number India: 1800 3000 9009
  • Amazon Seller Central Phone Number: 1800 419 7355
  • Amazon Contact Number: 022-30430101 not toll-free)
  • Amazon Customer Service Phone Numbers
  • Amazon Canadian Customer Service 877-586-3230
  • Amazon Kindle Support number 866-321-8851
  • Amazon Customer support number 888-280-3321
  • Amazon Prime Support Number 1-866-216-1072

Online Amazon support:

  • First, open your Amazon account and access the Help menu
  • Click Amazon Contact us 
  • Provide the details of the issue
  • Now make a selection from Email, phone, or chat to contact
  • As per your selection select Send emails, call me now, Start a chat to reach the customer care executives.

Step by Step instruction:

  • Open the help section: Scroll your screen downwards and at the bottom, click on the Help button.
  • Reach Amazon team:

With the help of your cursor, go to the “Need more help?” and tap on Contact Us. It may ask you to login again, you can skip this by clicking on “Skip Sign in”. By signing in you provide them your Contact information to Amazon for future reference. 

  • Explain your problem, and select a method to report your issue

On the next screen, provide the complete details regarding your issue so that the support service team can get the overview of the issue you are having and you can get a prompt solution to your problem. Be as precise as you can. Also, providing additional information can help you get better service.

In the first section, click on “what can we help you with”. Here you will be asked about the type of product or service you are using, and the options you will get are; an order, one of Amazon’s unique products, downloadable digital content, or something else. 

For every option, you will get a number of sub-options to select from, such as in the menu of “An order I Placed”, you can make a choice from all the orders you have made thus far. Be specific about your choice. 

Next, you get a message stating “Tell us more about Your Issue”. From the drop-down menu, select the information that matches your issue. The menu will consist of a list, based upon the product and service you have chosen. Again, you will get several sub-options to select from. This way you have to follow a hierarchy for availing best assistance. 

After providing all the required information, the “how would you like to contact us?” option will appear on your screen. In most of the cases, you will get a suggestion to choose the contact means to reach the customer service department. Or you can choose one as per your choice.

  • On choosing “email”, you need to provide additional details

If you choose Amazon customer service and click Email on your screen. Tap on Edit items or Details. Or, you can go back to the previous screen if you want to change the information. Else, click on the option “Enter additional information” and explain the issue you are having. After adding the explanation, click Send Email.

  • If you have a select phone, you will get a call

In case you have selected Phone to contact Amazon Tech Support, this screen will appear;

If you want to alter any of the information, click Edit items or details and then you will be redirected to the previous screen. Then, click “country” and choose the country you are contacting. In the “your number” section, type your phone number. Next, click “call me now” and Amazon Help Phone Number will call you back. 

  • On selecting Chat, start a chat:

On selecting the Chat to contact Amazon customer service, you will see this screen:

Now, in the field of “name” type your name, choose the field of “Email” and type your current email address. In the “how can we help you today” field, type your query and then click on Start chat. This way you can begin a live chat with an Amazon representative.

Independent Amazon support:

If you are running out of time, or every time you have to wait in phone queues to reach the customer care executives, calling the Amazon Customer Service Phone Number will be really helpful. The toll-free number is accessible 24X7 to help the worldwide Amazon users. The best thing is; here you can get immediate assistance without any wait. Thus, this is the most preferable option of the time. Dial Amazon Telephone Number and your issue will be resolved in no matter of time.

Best Tips for Amazon Customer Service:

Though there is a number of users who find Amazon customer support quite ill-functioning, the reports have marked Amazon Device Support as best customer service team. It has managed to score the 87% customer satisfaction and it is much better than the score other e-commerce platforms have secured.

Nonetheless, there are few tips that can help you have a better experience with Amazon Customer Help platform. Read and follow these tips and tricks:

1) Follow the right process to contact:

You cannot jump directly to Amazon support executives, without providing the required information. You can call Amazon Help Number to contact instantly, but other ways are equally effective. So, make sure you follow the proper guided method to establish contact with help.

2) Explain as much as you can:

The more detailed your query will be, the more precise solution you will get. Hence, elaborate your problem in the maximum possible manner so that understanding it will become easier for the support team. This way you will quicker solution from the representatives.

3) Be respectful and courteous

Yelling on the customer care representatives won’t help you. So, being patient and polite is the best thing to do. Mind it, customer support is not the cause behind your problem, but they are the one who has the solution. So, listen to them and follow their guidelines to get rid of the issue you are facing.

4) Contact the third-party vendors:

If you have purchased the product from the third-party vendor, you need to contact them too for getting the best solution. There are chances that the seller has the exact solution to your problem. If you are a seller, you can avail Amazon Seller Support for any sort of assistance. 

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